Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Giving Your Kids Healthy Food

Childhood obesity is a worldwide problem and no child is safe if they don't have healthy eating habits. There are many causes of obesity in children. Some of these are fast foods which are high in calories and fat. They also contain dangerous trans (fake fats) that wreak havoc on a young child's body. Another cause is processed foods. These false foods are loaded with sugar and artificial colors, flavors and preservatives which add up to extra calories. Because of the added processed sugars, a child can consume a tremendous amount of sugar and not even feel that full.

Many of these artificial colors, flavors and preservatives may also cause cancer. A lack of exercise has a direct link to obesity. Being a couch potato is not just bad for adults. A lack of exercise causes a lack of blood flow and circulation. This leads to sedentary kids who have lack of tone in muscles and obesity. The last way a child can become obese is just old fashion over eating which is easy to do when the food is fake as in processed foods.

So what's the answer? Well it's really simple. Have your child eat only natural foods. If it is a natural food such as an apple, banana or orange its OK to eat. The natural foods contain all the nutrients your child's body needs with the added fiber to help with digestion. The problem again is with processed or fast foods. These foods can be eaten in large quantities without feeling full. Food scientists develop these foods with one goal in mind, profits. They use the cheapest ingredients to keep the food products together and to last a long time (shelf life).

Their employers praise them for their accomplishments and cost cutting methods. But, they nor the scientists have no consideration nor do they even know what the consequences will be when children eat the laboratory food they invented. This comes down to one thing money. The easiest way to get your children to exercise is to play sports. When a kid is playing sports they are having fun, toning muscles and increasing circulation and burning calories. When kids are playing sports they don't even think about the good they are doing for their body they are just having fun naturally. There are many sports to choose from but the best advice is to let your child choose for themselves. That was they will be more interested and motivated to stick with it.

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